Q Light Controller


Q Light Controller is a cross-platform application for controlling DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc. The goal is to replace hard-to-learn and somewhat limited commercial lighting desks with FLOSS.

Many people respect others opinions and therefore might like to see some reviews as well as screenshots.

DMX Hardware Support

Lots of additional DMX interfaces are supported thru the Open Lighting Architecture (OLA) on Linux and Mac OS X. The list below shows only native QLC plugin support status. You can check separately which additional interfaces OLA currently supports.

Interface Linux Mac OS X Windows
DMXKing USB DMX512-A Yes Yes Yes
DMXKing ultraDMX Yes Yes Yes
Anyma uDMX Yes Yes No
Enttec DMXUSB Pro Yes Yes Yes
Enttec DMXUSB Open Yes Yes Yes
Peperoni Rodin1 Yes Yes Yes
FTDI USBCOM 485+ Yes Yes Yes
MIDI Yes Yes Yes
Velleman K8062D No No Yes
OLA Yes Yes No
DMX4Linux Yes No No

Input Hardware Support

Device Linux Mac OS X Windows
Keyboard/Mouse/Touch Yes Yes Yes
MIDI Yes Yes Yes
Enttec Playback Wing Yes Yes Yes
Enttec Shortcut Wing Yes Yes Yes
USB HID Joystick Yes No No